What Makes Singapore such a Stylish Country to Live In?

If you are looking for a Singapore lifestyle, more often than not, you would look for the sunny beaches and skyscrapers in the city-state. However, it's one thing to admire and quite another to embrace it as a reality. Because of its long history that traces back to the colonial era, Singapore has a rich but very diverse culture that is both interesting and inspiring. The people of Singapore are famous for their love for food, music, and festivals; according to asiaone survey they are also known to be amongst the most educated in the world.

Singapore is a small country that is only just a couple of square miles big. However, if you take a trip across the Singapore River from the national airport, you will find an entirely different world altogether. There, in the heart of the district of Little India, are the shophouses, coffee shops, and restaurants serving some of the finest cuisines in Asia. Aside from the good food, the Singapore culture is also celebrated with several unique festivals throughout the year.

Singapore is known to be one of the most practical countries in the world. The country has less dependence on other countries for foreign trade and relies on itself for its economy. The country is well-known for its high literacy rate, which shows the overall advancement of the population. In fact, it boasts the highest per capita income in the entire world. Because of this, the people of Singapore have full faith in the country's social system as well as its government. This is evident through the large number of tourists and immigrants who stay in the country and form a huge community of almost thirty million strong.

Although religion is not a legal requirement in the country, there are many religious sects that have developed their own worship sites here. The biggest temple of Singapore, Sentosa, is also one of the largest Muslim communities in the world. Aside from these important establishments, most places in Singapore are designed in a way that follows the Singaporean culture. From the way a road is meant to open, to the colors of the flags, everything is a reflection of the Singaporean culture. A unique aspect of the culture is that the locals do not need to speak English in public unless they want to, unlike most other countries where people tend to speak English with a British accent.

Food is something that everyone in Singapore will agree is a big reason for the popularity of the place. The cuisine is considered to be one of the best in the world and most of the restaurants here serve dishes from all over the world. Seafood and Indian cuisines are very popular, especially among the younger generation. With so many great options, it is easy to find a restaurant that offers something unique for every taste. Chinese restaurants and Japanese eateries are among the most frequented by people from all over the world.

For residents of Singapore, the most notable feature of the country is its commitment to fairness. Everyone is allowed to breathe freely and so is able to live a relatively normal life. The government upholds an excellent level of social equity and so people from different backgrounds have the opportunity to lead a decent and dignified life. Even the poorest of the richest have a home to call their own. The Singaporean lifestyle is all about making sure that everyone has what they need, including their family.